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Do you have family portraits scheduled for the fall but are having trouble deciding what everyone should wear?  As we know, this job usually falls to mom to make the decisions and it can be tough.  I am going to share my tips on choosing a fall wardrobe with you today.

1.  Start with the most difficult member of the family.  In many cases, that's Dad.  If Dad will only wear blue jeans, then you know you will be incorporating navy into your color scheme so that gives you a starting point.  Or maybe dad could wear khakis or gray slacks.  This gives you a neutral color as your building base.  

2.  Next, choose no more than one to two members of the family to wear a print.  If mom is going to wear a paisley print for example, have all the other family members wear various solids that compliment her paisley pattern.  

3.  Layers are a great way to mix it up.  Think vests, cardigans, and scarves.  These items all help break up the colors to add more visual interest to the images.

4.  Shoes are important.  You don't want mom and dad wearing brown boots and little man wearing tennis shoes!  Make sure everyone's shoes coordinate.

For more ideas on what to wear for pictures, visit my Pinterest board...

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