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The Experience

Step One


First, when you contact me for a session, I'll send you over to my 'Packages & Pricing' page and let you navigate your way to a desired photo package. Once this is decided, we can discuss a date, you'd like to book your session for. Next, I will have you  sign the "Terms & Conditions" contracts. Once you have THOROUGHLY  read, agreed & signed, you may pay your session fee, locking in your session date. Lastly,  I will have you fill out a short client questionnaire, so that I can get all information needed, to complete your session, to the best of my abilities!

Step Two


It's time for your session! We will meet at the agreed upon meeting place. Client participation is key at this point. If you have a tot at home that still has tendencies to randomly take a nap, Or maybe they have those grumpy moments when nothing will make them happy. Please, do your best to prevent this. Make sure the kiddo(s) have had something to eat, are caught up on sleep, have used the potty; & perhaps bring their favorite toy or two along for the session. I do NOT say these things to sound mean, either. I, as a mother myself, am completely aware that, sometimes, the littles just won't participate. I will still give it my best attempt, give the little one(s) a chance to warm up to me & then reschedule, if needed. My edit turn-around time, is currently 2-3 weeks.

Step Three


After your session, I go through each and every image taken. I then throw out the out of focus shots, the blinking shots, the random blurred hand shots, etc. Then I edit through all of the decent images. I will then upload these images for your viewing. I will attach my digital and print pricing, to the delivery email. (Minimum purchase of $200 required!) From there, you can decide on what photos you'd like printed, how you'd like them printed and/or if you'd like to purchase digital images with print release. If you order digital images, PLEASE READ THE PRINT RELEASE when received! There are crucial guidelines in containing your images! You must know them! as stated in my print release, I will not be responsible for storage of your images once they are delivered. 

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